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Bitumen Flat Roofing Torbay

Flat roof repairs in the Torbay area:Repairs and replacement roofs using reinforced Bitumen Membranes (roofing felts)

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Bitumen Felt Roofing Torbay

Bitumen Roofing Felts have seen great improvements over the last 20 years with the introduction of modified polymer systems.
The new High Performance Flat Roof Membranes provide improved weathering and UV resistance giving much longer service than older bitumen roof systems.

Pour and Roll

Pour-and Roll is the traditional method of applying bitumen membranes.
Hot bitumen is poured onto the substrate as an adhesive for the bitumen membrane, which is rolled onto it.


Roofing Membranes suitable for Torching-on have a special bitumen film which is heat-activated and melted using a large gas torch, and the membrane is then rolled onto the softened bitumen.

Rubber - EPDM Roof Membranes

Membranes are weather-resistant and can be very flexible. Their main problem in use is the thin (1.5mm) cross section with problems jointing areas effectively.

Fibreglass - GRP Roofing Systems

Fibreglass roofs are built up using a liquid resin and thin fibre reinforcement layers between coats.

Flat Roof Insulation - Warm Decking

Insulation is need to minimise temperature variation.
Reducing heat loss in Winter and to resisting heat gain in Summer.

Roof Insulation should be placed on top of a vapour control layer (VCL) applied to the roof decking before the weather resistant roof membrane.


If your existing Flat Roof is essentially sound it may be possible to overlay your existing roof with a new membrane. This can reduce costs considerable


If your flat roof has suffered from water ingress it is possible that the existing decking has rotted or suffered som form of structural damgae in which case we may need to strip off your existing flat roof and re-deck the area.

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Torbay Loft Conversions

Many families are looking upwards to increase their living space by making better use of the loft space as a storage room, child's bedroom or often as a very large master bedroom with built in wardrobes and ensuite shower: Converting a flat roof to a pitched roof can add extra storage and living space

Torbay Commercial
Warehouse & Factory Roofing

Leaks and intermittent problems with water ingress from large roof areas can be difficult to pinpoint and fix; especially when leaks may depend on wind direction

Factory, warehouse and commercial property repairs in the Torbay area; including pitched and flat roofs

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Commercial building maintenance and roofing services in the Torbay area

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Loft - Attic Conversion

Flat roofs replaced, Roof systems, improvements and repairs

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Torbay home repairs, commercial property alterations, developer assistance & maintenance for landlords

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    Roof Lights - Windows

    Skylights fitted, Velux windows

    Roof and Ridge Tiles

    Ridge tiles re-pointed

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Electrical and pumped underfloor heating systems

Torbay Felting
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Torbay Clay Tile Roofing

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