Loft Conversions Milton Keynes

  • Milton Keynes Velux Skylights & Windows Fitted
  • Milton Keynes Loft Conversions - Design & Build
  • Milton Keynes Master Bedroom with Ensuite in Loft Space
  • Milton Keynes Extra Bedrooms and Storage in Loft
  • Milton Keynes Over Garage Extensions Built
  • Milton Keynes Wide Loft Hatch with Extending Ladder Fitting
  • Milton Keynes Loft Floors & Storage Installed

Roofspace Rooms Milton Keynes

Lofts can add a new dimension to home living by creating 2,3 or more new rooms & adding extra living space to your property

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Milton Keynes Planning Department Milton Keynes Planning Applications

Loft Accomodation Milton Keynes What type of living space do you want?
Think of how you want to use any extra living space: Master Bedroom with ensuite, Children's Bedrooms, Storage, Office Space, Dining Room or Large Kitchen
Loft Hatch Milton Keynes How much extra living space do you want?
Rather than purely convert your loft area it's worth considering how much extra space you want or need and decide if a loft conversion, extension or both may be required
Building History Milton Keynes Local History Milton Keynes
Take a look at neighbouring houses in your street and locale; use a notebook to record what kind of alterations have been allowed then make a rough plan of the type of loft conversion you want

Submitting Milton Keynes Building Plans to Milton Keynes Planning Department

Planning Advice Milton Keynes Contact Your Local Planning Department
Talk to your local planning department and ask if they will meet with you to discuss their current policies regarding extensions and alterations to your property
Planning Help Milton Keynes Help From Your Planning Office
They handle many planning applications and know which applications are approved and which are rejected; Use their knowledge to short-list the type of property developments that are likely to be approved and use this as your strating point when considering a loft conversion or extension to your home

Avoiding conflicts with Neighbours

Local ApprovalMilton Keynes Do your neighbours approve?
If your neighbours have no problems with your idea or you can agree on the areas likely to raise objections then you're less likely to have a neighbour complain when the planning department contacts them once you submit your planning application
Local Opinion Milton Keynes How Do Your Neighbours Feel?
Talk to your neighbours about your plans and ask them if they have any objections before you begin consulting about building plans

Milton Keynes Loft Conversion Plans

Dormer Construction Plans Milton Keynes Dormer Windows in Loft Conversions Milton Keynes
If you can incorporate dormer windows into your loft alteration then you can increase the available floor space within any loft rooms
Building Plans Milton Keynes Initial Home Improvement Plans Milton Keynes
Once you have a clear idea about the type of loft extension or conversion it's time to make initial sketches and plans of the room sizes and types you want - Base your initial plans on existing rooms so you can have a better idea of how the space can work
Loft Construction Plans Milton Keynes Available Loft Space
Standing room is important so you need to get a reasonably accurate idea of the available loft space where you can stand upright

Milton Keynes Loft Plans & Architectural Drawings

Expert Architectural Plans Milton Keynes Loft-Attic Plans Milton Keynes
Time to call in the experts - You are now ready to get help from Loft conversion and extension experts
Meeting Plans Milton Keynes Talking Through The Building Process
Ask someone to visit your home and go through your ideas so you feel comfortable with the planning permission and home alteration process for Milton Keynes and can get advice on what is involved including a cost estimate for your building work or loft conversion

Loft Flooring Milton Keynes

Floor Joists Milton Keynes Old Ceiling Joists New Loft Floor Joists: Are They Strong Enough?
Ceiling joists have to carry very little weight compared to a floor joist hence the joists in your loft will need to be strengthened

Floor Support Milton Keynes Strengthening your loft floor
Most modern lofts were only designed to support ceilings and occasional loft access and would not take the weight of a loft floor with storage or furniture hence without warping and damaging the ceiling below
Sound Insulation Milton Keynes Loft Sound Proofing and Fire Protection
If the loft is to be used as an additional living space then the floor will need to incorporate sound proofing materials and fire protection
Wooden Joists Milton Keynes Loft Floor Joists
The new joists are independant of the ceiling below and take the loft flooring boards or traditional floorboards as required
Wooden & Steel Beams Milton Keynes Wooden or Steel Support Beams
In order to ensure the loft is sturdy enough to handle storage and living requirements; the floor should be strengthened with additional wooden or steel beams to spread the additional load of a loft room

Roof Trusses Milton Keynes: Trussed Rafters

Attic Alterations Milton Keynes Opening out the loft space
If there is sufficient loft height to create a serviceable room; then building regulations allow for trussed rafters to be replaced with an alternative roof support system that opens out the loft area
Attic Layout Milton Keynes Dwarf Walls and Loft Room Layout
As the attic-loft area is converted; the walls to create the new room layout will be constructed in the roof space: rafters and ridge beams will be upgraded and altered as required to maintain a solid integral roof and then the old roof trusses will be removed

Loft Access Milton Keynes

Loft Hatch Opening Milton Keynes Loft Hatches for Occasional Access
If you want the loft hatch openend up and a retractable folding ladder-staircase then planning permission should not be needed
Loft Staircases Milton Keynes Loft Openings with Permanent Staircase Milton Keynes
Compact Spiral staircases and other permanent staircases will need building regulation compliance to ensure the structure remains safe and complies with fire regulations

Milton Keynes Dormers & Skylights

Loft Double Glazing Milton Keynes Flush Fitting Loft Windows
Velux windows and similar flush fitting windows for roofs may be allowed without planning permission as they do not materially alter the roof outline
Dormer Double Glazing Milton Keynes Dormer Loft Windows
Altering the outline of your roof by building a dormer window opening or similar roof alteration to increase the usable loft living space will require planning consent from the local authority and compliance with any additional local bye-laws and caveats

Bungalow Milton Keynes Dormer Roof Conversions Milton Keynes

Loft Window Installation Milton Keynes Removing Roof Sections
The area of the roof to take the new dormer is removed and a dormer frame is constructed in-situ then strengthened with a skin of plywood, insulated and protected before completing the roof and flashing as designed and agreed
uPVC Guttering Milton Keynes New Fascias and Guttering
The exterior fascia boards are installed along with soffits and guttering to create a unified and weather proof roof structure

Interior Loft Conversion Milton Keynes

Loft Room Storage Milton Keynes Loft Room Development
Depending upon the design the layout will allow for bedrooms, office space, an ensuite shower or bathroom, walk-in wardrobes so that the timber stud work is ready for the next stage
Stud Walling Milton Keynes Interior Stud Walls
The room layout is re-created according to the building plans with the construction of the interior stud walls

Milton Keynes Tradesmen: First Fix

Plumber Milton Keynes First Fix Loft Plumbing Installation
Toilet, Bath, Shower and Sink locations will be marked on the plans and the appropriate waste pipes and water pipes will be installed; central heating radiators will also require installation of appropriate pipework to connect into the heating system
Electrician Milton Keynes First Fix Loft Electrical Installation
Wiring for lights, switches and sockets will be made ready and additional heavy duty cable installed for a shower unit, whirpool bath etc

Loft Double Glazing Units Milton Keynes

Dormer PVC Windows Milton Keynes uPVC Dormer Windows
Once the interior loft structure is in place; new double glazing units can be installed into the ready-made opening
Flush Fit LOft Windows Milton Keynes uPVC Flush Fit (Velux) Windows
Depending on the room layout; openings can be created in the roof to install double-glazed window units

Milton Keynes Thermal LOft Insulation

Loft Insulation Milton Keynes Insulating the pitched roof
Insulation can be fitted between the rafters or within the stud walls of the conversion to ensure the the loft space complies with modern insulation requirements

Milton Keynes Plasterboarding Lofts

Ensuite Milton Keynes Showers and Bathrooms
If the room is going to be finished as a wet room then the appropriate boards can be applied to create a waterproof shell
Builder Milton Keynes Wall boards
With insulation, 1st fix plumbing and electricals in place the rooms can be plasterboarded and the individual loft areas made ready for plastering and joinery

Loft Joinery Milton Keynes

Interior Doors Milton Keynes Door Casing
Depending on the desired finish, softwood door casings will be fitted to create the door openings and walkways
Replacement Skirting Boards Milton Keynes Skirting Boards
There are a huge variety of skirting boards available from narrow modern designs to the large fancy Victorian designs: Hardwood,softwood and mdf type skirting complete the popular choices
Joinery Services Milton Keynes Door Architraves
The architrave of choice will be fitted to complete the door openings - There are a vast range of architrave sets while usually a simple to maintain softwood architrave is fitted

Loft Plastering Milton Keynes

Plasterer Milton Keynes Skimming and Finishing
As with most building construction, the finishing trades start the transformation from building shell to home; plastering the walls and ceilings completes the first first fix stage

Milton Keynes Second Fix Trades

New Electrical Sockets Milton Keynes 2nd Fix Electrics Milton Keynes
Installing light fittings, switches and electrical sockets, connecting the shower and installing ring-mains into the main distribution board and fuse box (circuit breakers)
Shower Installation Milton Keynes 2nd Fix Plumbing Milton Keynes
Installation of bath, shower, toilet cistern and taps and plumbing into the cold water and hot water systems; installation of central heating radiators
Door Furniture Fitting Milton Keynes 2nd Fix Joinery Milton Keynes
Hanging doors and cutting out for door furniture, installing fitted wardrobes, cupboards and any bespoke shelving or storage space

Staircases Milton Keynes: Loft Stairs

Staircase Installation Milton Keynes Straight Staircase
If space permits ;this is the easiest and often cheapest solution going from lower floor to loft in a single run
Joinery Services Milton Keynes Spiral Staircases
There's something quite exciting about a spiral staircase rotating its way into the loft space
Most spiral staircases are custom made in wood, steel, or mixed materials and come ready made to fit the specified loft opening
Spiral diameter, step height and rotation direction are all worked out in advance
Attic Stairs Services Milton Keynes L Stairs
Similar to the return staircase; the direction changes through 90 degrees with a landing
Stairways to Attic Milton Keynes Return Stairs
The run from lower floor to loft is split into two with a landing allowing the run to rotate 180 degrees
Loft-Attic Access Milton Keynes Circular Staircase
The staircase sweeps in a broad circular arc between floor levels and is one of the more complicted staircase to build

Handrails & Spindles Milton Keynes

Staircase Fitting Milton Keynes Handrails Milton Keynes
Modern handrails for staircases and landings are available in a variety of profiles and maaterials with Hardwood, oak and pine being the most commonly used
Staircases Milton Keynes Stair Spindles Milton Keynes
An open effect can be achieved with glass panels instead of individual wooden, wrought iron or metal spindles or wooden panels
There's such a variety of spindle shape choice that 2 loft converions rarely use the same choice except for wall mounted hand rails

Upstairs Flat Conversions Milton Keynes

Flat with Attic-Loft Conversion Milton Keynes Flat Conversions Milton Keynes
Depending upon the agreements covering the property and/or lease regarding loft space; it is perfectly feasible to convert the top floor flat into a twin level dwelling by adding a loft conversion

Milton Keynes Fire Doors

Bungalow Conversions Milton Keynes Bungalow to 2-Storey home in Milton Keynes: Fire Doors
Generally when converting a single storey bungalow to a 2-storey property normal interior doors will be acceptable
Home Conversion Milton Keynes 2-Storey to 3-Storey Dwelling House in Milton Keynes
Converting a home in the Milton Keynes area to a 3-storey property with a loft conversion will require fire resistant doors
 Milton Keynes Fire Resistant Doors Milton Keynes
When needing to replace existing interior doors with fire doors due to a loft conversion; the ground floor and first floor rooms off the main landing will need upgrading and a higher rated door used into the attic conversion itself

Roof Repair Services

Roofers Milton Keynes

Commercial Properties
Milton Keynes

Commercial building alteration and roofing services in the Milton Keynes area

  • Milton Keynes Shop Fitting
  • Milton Keynes Rented Property Maintenance
  • Milton Keynes Office Modernisation
  • Milton Keynes Factory Buildings
  • Milton Keynes Mezzanine Floors

Milton Keynes Builder:

  • Office Storage Milton Keynes Carpentry & Joinery
  • Outbuilding Conversion Milton Keynes Bricklaying
  • Stud Walls Milton Keynes Plasterboarding & Skimming
  • Commercial Heating Systems Milton Keynes Plumbing & Gas Fitting
  • Industrial Electrician Milton Keynes Electrical Wiring
  • Drain Clearing Milton Keynes Drainage

Creating Attic Rooms

Structural improvements to convert lofts and add living space

Milton Keynes
Roofers & Builders

Milton Keynes property renovation and alteration services:

  • Milton Keynes Attic Rooms
  • Milton Keynes Dormer Conversions
  • Milton Keynes Roofing Services
  • Milton Keynes Building Maintenance
  • Milton Keynes Ground Floor Extensions

Building services for home owners, commercial property owners, developers and landlords in Milton Keynes

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Trusses: Timber

  • Milton Keynes On Site Truss Construction
  • Milton Keynes Pre Constructed Trusses
  • Milton Keynes Room in Loft Trusses

Fascias & Cladding

  • Milton Keynes PVC Cladding
  • Milton Keynes Replacement Cladding
  • Milton Keynes Replacement Wall Panels
  • Milton Keynes Soffits
  • Milton Keynes Bargeboards
  • Milton Keynes UPVC Facias

Gutters & Downpipes

Replacement UPVC Guttering and down pipe fitting

  • Milton Keynes UPVC Downcomers
  • Milton Keynes UPVC Hoppers
  • Milton Keynes Replace old Guttering
  • Milton Keynes UPVC Guttering
  • Milton Keynes Rainwater Collection
  • Milton Keynes UPVC Drain Covers
Roof Lights - Windows
  • Milton Keynes Velux Windows Installed
  • Milton Keynes Replacement Windows
  • Milton Keynes Skylights Fitted
Roof and Ridge Tiles
  • Milton Keynes Ridge tiles re-pointed
  • Milton Keynes Building Insurance Estimates
  • Milton Keynes Broken Tiles Replaced
  • Milton Keynes New Ridge Tiles Fitted
Flat Roofs Milton Keynes
  • Milton Keynes Flat To Pitched Conversion
  • Milton Keynes high tensile - HT
  • Milton Keynes polyester
  • Milton Keynes high performance - HP
  • Milton Keynes elastomeric
  • Milton Keynes Reinforced Bitumen
  • Milton Keynes polymer-modified
Roof Tiles Milton Keynes
  • Milton Keynes Slate Tiles
  • Milton Keynes Bitumen Felt Shingles
  • Milton Keynes Cement Tiles
  • Milton Keynes Clay Tiles
  • Milton Keynes Wood Shingles
  • Milton Keynes Ridge Tiles
  • Milton Keynes Corrugated Roofs

New Roof Fitting

  • Milton Keynes Outbuilding Refurbishment
  • Milton Keynes Roof Tiles Removed & Replaced
  • Milton Keynes Flat Roofs
  • Milton Keynes Pitched Roofs

Windows in Roof

  • Milton Keynes Replacement Windows
  • Milton Keynes Dormer Windows
  • Milton Keynes Skylights
  • Milton Keynes Flush Fit Windows
  • Milton Keynes Velux Windows
  • Milton Keynes uPVC Windows

Chimney Refurbishment

  • Milton Keynes Chimney Cowlings Fitted
  • Milton Keynes Chimney Chimney Repointing
  • Milton Keynes Chimney Chimneys Rebuilt
  • Milton Keynes Chimney Leaning Chimneys Rebuilt
  • Milton Keynes Chimney Chimney Flashing Replaced
  • Milton Keynes Chimney Old Chimneys Capped and Vented

Guttering & Roofing

  • Milton Keynes Asbestos Roof Removal
  • Milton Keynes Skylights Fitted
  • Milton Keynes Soffits
  • Milton Keynes Leaking Guttering Replaced
  • Milton Keynes Facia Boards
  • Milton Keynes Velux Window Fitting
  • Milton Keynes Cowlings
  • Milton Keynes UPVC Facias
  • Milton Keynes Bargeboards
  • Milton Keynes Flat Roof Repairs
  • Milton Keynes Roofing Repairs
  • Milton Keynes Cladding
  • Milton Keynes Rainwater Soakaway
  • Milton Keynes Ridge Tile
  • Milton Keynes Leaking Roof Repairs
  • Milton Keynes Roof Coatings
  • Milton Keynes Lead Roof
Rewiring Milton Keynes

Loft Rewiring Milton Keynes: Sockets, Lights and Shower cable installation Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Felting
  • Milton Keynes Roofing Felt Replaced
  • Milton Keynes Outbuilding Roofs
  • Milton Keynes New Felt Roofs

Loft Beams Milton Keynes

  • Milton Keynes Steel Beams
  • Milton Keynes Plywood Box Beams
  • Milton Keynes Flitch Beams
Milton Keynes Felting
  • Milton Keynes Metal Lattice Beams
  • Milton Keynes New Felt Roofs
  • Milton Keynes Roofing Felt Replaced
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Milton Keynes Roof Trusses

Resources for a new Roof Trusses access point Milton Keynes