Roof Repairs & Loft Conversions March

  • March Flashings Replaced
  • March Construction Loft Conversions
  • March Ridge Tiles Rebedded
  • March Flush Fit Velux Window Installation
  • March Tiles & Slates Replaced
  • March Remove & Refit Existing Roof Tiles
  • March Guttering Replaced

Pitched roofs and flat roofs each have their own unique problems and weaknesses:
The main problem with a pitched roof is tile slip after heavy winds, ridge tiles can also become loose and need resetting in mortar
Bitumen felted flat roofs oxidise and crack with the extremes of temperature and eventually small leaks develop

Flat Roof Repairs March »

March Loft Conversions

Many families are looking upwards to increase their living space by making better use of the loft space as a storage room, child's bedroom or often as a very large master bedroom with built in wardrobes and ensuite shower
By developing above an attached garage you can add extra living space on the first floor with greater loft storage space above

Loft Conversions & Extensions March »

Roof Conversions - Dormer Bungalows

March Conversions 2-Storey Conversions from Single Storey Bungalows
Converting a traditional bungalow into a 2-storey home by converting the loft and adding dormer windows is a fantastic way to radically increase your living space and add property value

March Re-Roofing

March Roofs March: Low Cost Roof Replacement
By taking off, cleaning & replacing your old roofing slates or tiles you can refurbish your roof and maintain the character of your property without spending a fortune

March Roof Stripping March
Even after 40 or 50 years of exposure to the elements; most roofing slates or roof tiles will be in good condition even if the nails and fixings are starting to fail and the roof has to be removed and re-fitted
March Ridge Tiles
Your old ridge tiles can be removed, cleaned of old mortar and dirt before being re-seated in fresh mortar
March Re-Using Tiles and Slates
By carefully removing the old roof; it's possible to keep most of the roofing materials and save thousands on the cost of a new roof
March Building Salvage
Many places can supply salvaged tiles and slates to replace damaged tiles or slates and get a better colour match when re-fixing your existing roof
March Roof Lining
When carrying out a major roof refurbishment that requires removing all the old tiles it's a great time to fit a felt weathershield layer for secondary protection: Many old roofs will just rely on the slates or tiles

Solar Energy - Heating

March Solar heating can be an economical addition to modern home heating solutions
Solar energy can be captured using roof mounted solar panels and used to heat a reservoir of water to slightly above ambient temperature; heat pumps and heat exchangers can then extract the energy for cheap hot water and heating
March Large Energy Storage Tank
The secret to energy storage is in creating a large capacity storage solution with very efficient insulation to reduce energy losses to the surroundings
March Heat Pump & Thermostat
A small pump and thermostat system will control water flow and minimise energy losses

Flat Roofs: Repairs March

March Patching Felt Roofs
Usually, isolated roof areas may blister and crack causing localised leaking that can be patched for a long lasting repair
March Flat Roof Flashings
When a flat roof is in contact with a building structure, then instead of the roof overlapping the edge of the building; for a water tight seal, it is sealed by connecting it to the adjacent building structure with lead or bitumen flashing: With time this can work loose and allow water to penetrate the edge seal
March Bitumen Felt Roofs
Bitumen felt roofs generally last 10 to 20 years before needing removal and replacing

Roof Alterations: Flat to Pitched Roof

March Garage Roofs
Where planning permission and visual appeal allows; many flat garage roofs are being replaced with a pitched or lean-to roof for added storage space and easier upkeep
March Flat To Pitched Roof Conversions March
Where space permits; many people are replacing their worn out flat roofs with a pitched roof using tiles or slates for a low maintenance alternative

Loft Conversions March »

March Loft Alterations

March Adding a new Loft Access Hatch & Loft Ladder March
The first step to making better use of your loft storage space is making access easier with a wider loft hatch and built in concealed loft ladder to your March home
March Loft Lighting
Make the loft a safer place with good illumination from a fluorescent strip light or several lights spaced to avoid dark areas
March Velux Window or Flush Fit Window
Flush fitting windows may not need planning permission and allow natural daylight to flood into your loft space
March Loft Flooring
If your loft has exposed insulation and no floor then the first stage in making a safe storage area is ensuring your loft floor is properly boarded out

March Garage and Roof Alterations

March Garage Roof Repairs
Many garages were built with flat roofs and require regular maintenance to prevent leaks and damage to garage roof timbers
March Garage Change of Use
If you need more living space but don't need a garage then you may be able to get planning permission in March for change of use and convert your garage into a living room,dining room or kitchen
March Garage Storage
Get a quote to create a huge amount of storage space by building wall cabinets, bike racks and a dedicated workshop area
March Over Garage Bedroom
Use the space above your garage to add up to 2 extra bedrooms to your March property
March Garage Extensions
If space permits; add a garage to your March property for secure car parking and storage
March Above Garage Granny Flat
There may be enough space above the garage to create a small living area with ensuite bedroom dinette and living room - This could be an ideal way to create extra income from rent or give a family member additional independance

March Carpentry & Building Services
Garden Outbuildings & Sheds

March Garden Joinery & Construction
The roofing and joinery skills needed to build a loft apartment in March, pitched roof or garage extension can be utilised to create high quality outbuildings for a specific purpose e.g.

  • March Home Office
  • March Conservatory - Orangery
  • March Stables, Field Shelters & Tack Rooms
  • March Gymnasium
  • March Sunhouse - Greenhouse
  • March Sheltered Garden Dining and Entertainment Area
  • March Gazebo
  • March Sound Proofed Music Rooms & Recording Studio
  • March Workshop - Toolshop

Get in touch using our number or enquiry form to request information about available roofing,joinery and building services for March

Roof Repair Services

Roofers March

Commercial Property

Commercial building repairs and roofing services in the March area

  • March Hotel Alterations
  • March Guest Rooms
  • March Factory Alterations
  • March Retail Property Repairs
  • March Office Refurbishments

Commercial building services: Bricklayers, Joiners, Plasterers, Plumbers, Electricians covering the towns around March

Roof Repairs March

  • March Replacing roof tiles
  • March Lead flashing repairs
  • March Guttering repairs
  • March Roof restoration
  • March Lead roof repairs
  • March Copper roof repairs
  • March Repairing Wind Damage
  • March high tensile roof installation
  • March Velux skylights

Storm Damage March

Emergency roof repairs
Weatherproofing of property in the March area and undertaking major roof repairs after heavy winds and storms

Building Maintenance March

  • Joiner March Joinery Services
  • Bricklayer March Brick Laying
  • Plasterer March Plastering
  • Plumber March Plumbing
  • Electrician March Electrical Installation
  • Concrete March Concreting

Loft Alterations

Specialist trussed rafters and steel reinforced roofing systems

Building Services March

March roofing, joinery and building services for:

  • March Commercial Property
  • March Building Extensions
  • March Property Maintenance
  • March Over Garage Extensions
  • March Loft Conversions

Providing services for home owners, commercial property owners, property developers and landlords in March

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Trusses: Timber

  • March Pre Constructed Trusses
  • March Room in Loft Trusses
  • March On Site Truss Construction


  • March Replacement Cladding
  • March Bargeboards
  • March Replacement Wall Panels
  • March Soffits
  • March PVC Cladding
  • March UPVC Facias

Gutters & Drainpipes

Replacement UPVC Guttering and down pipe fitting

  • March UPVC Hoppers
  • March UPVC Drain Covers
  • March Rainwater Collection
  • March UPVC Downcomers
  • March Replace old Guttering
  • March UPVC Guttering
Windows - Roof Lights
  • March Velux Windows Installed
  • March Replacement Windows
  • March Skylights Fitted
Roof and Ridge Tiles
  • March Ridge tiles re-pointed
  • March Broken Tiles Replaced
  • March Building Insurance Estimates
  • March New Ridge Tiles Fitted
Flat Roofs March
  • March high performance - HP
  • March elastomeric
  • March high tensile - HT
  • March polymer-modified
  • March Reinforced Bitumen
  • March Flat To Pitched Conversion
  • March polyester
Roof Tiles
  • March Ridge Tiles
  • March Slate Tiles
  • March Clay Tiles
  • March Corrugated Roofs
  • March Wood Shingles
  • March Bitumen Felt Shingles
  • March Cement Tiles

New Roofs

  • March Outbuilding Refurbishment
  • March Pitched Roofs
  • March Flat Roofs
  • March Roof Tiles Removed & Replaced

Windows in Roof

  • March Dormer Windows
  • March uPVC Windows
  • March Velux Windows
  • March Skylights
  • March Flush Fit Windows
  • March Replacement Windows


  • March Chimney Chimneys Rebuilt
  • March Chimney Cowlings Fitted
  • March Chimney Leaning Chimneys Rebuilt
  • March Chimney Old Chimneys Capped and Vented
  • March Chimney Chimney Repointing
  • March Chimney Chimney Flashing Replaced


  • March Roof Tiles Replaced
  • March Leaking Guttering Replaced
  • March Roof Coatings
  • March Concrete Tiles
  • March Asbestos Roof Removal
  • March Roofing Repairs
  • March Facia Boards
  • March Soffits
  • March Rainwater Soakaway
  • March Skylights Fitted
  • March Velux Window Fitting
  • March Lead Roof
  • March Cladding
  • March Ridge Tile
  • March Leaking Roof Repairs
  • March UPVC Gutterings
  • March Bargeboards
Rewiring March

Loft Rewiring March: Sockets, Lights and Shower cable installation March

March Felting
  • March Outbuilding Roofs
  • March Roofing Felt Replaced
  • March New Felt Roofs

March Loft Beams

  • March Steel Beams
  • March Plywood Box Beams
  • March Flitch Beams
Felting March
  • March Roofing Felt Replaced
  • March Metal Lattice Beams
  • March New Felt Roofs
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March Loft Conversion

Resources for a new Loft Conversion access point March