Roof Repairs & Loft Conversions

  • Newcastle Loft Conversions
  • Gateshead Garage Roof Repairs
  • Sunderland Chimney Repointing
  • Durham Ridge Tiles & Slates Replaced
  • Middlesbrough Leaking Roof Repaired
  • Darlington Replacement Guttering
  • North East Velux Skylights Fitted

Sunderland Roof Construction
Pitched roofs and flat roofs each have their own unique problems and weaknesses:
The main problem with pitched roof is tile slip after heavy winds, ridge tiles can also become loose and need resetting in mortar Bitumen felted flat roofs oxidise and crack with the extremes of temperature and eventually small leaks develop

Loft Rooms »

Loft Conversions - More Living Space By Moving Upwards

Durham Loft Space
Many families are looking upwards to increase their living space by making better use of the loft space as a storage room, child's bedroom or often as a very large master bedroom with built in wardrobes, storage and ensuite shower & dressing room

Dormer Bungalow Roof Conversions

Newcastle Increasing Your Living Space - Single to 2 Storey Conversion
Converting a bungalow to a 2-storey dwelling house by creating a dormer bungalow is a great way to almost double the living space and add value to a property

Sunderland Benefits of Converting a bungalow
The original downstairs bedrooms become reception/dining rooms or can be converted to create a large living room and kitchen-dining area

Solar Heating - Power & Energy From The Sun

Sunderland Solar heating can be an economical addition to modern home heating solutions
Solar energy can be used to heat a reservoir of water to slightly above ambient temeperature; heat pumps and heat exchangers can then extract the energy for cheap hot water and heating

Gateshead Large Energy Storage Tank
The secret to energy storage is in creating a large capacity storage solution with very efficient insulation to reduce energy losses to the surroundings
A small pump and thermostat system will control water flow and minimise energy losses

Flat Roof Repairs

Newcastle Repairing & Replacing Old Felted Roofs
Bitumen felt roofs generally last 10 to 20 years befor needing reoval and replacing

Flat to Pitched Roof Conversion

Gateshead Add space and keep out the weather with a pitched or lean-to roof
Where space permits; many people are replacing their worn out flat roofs with a pitched roof using tiles or slates

Roofing Services - Weatherproofing

Durham Gutters & Downcomers
Try to keep your roof, gutters and downcomers in a good condition to prevent rain from penetrating the waterproof skin of your home

Darlington Moss & Algae
Gutters and downcomers should allow rain water to drain away efficiently; removing excess water away from your roof and walls. Breaks and blockages can cause areas of moss/algae growth on walls that may eventually lead to penetrating dampness.

Middlesbrough Defective Weatherproofing
Defective weatherproofing allows rainwater ingress that can lead to expensive remedial work to the structural timbers (wet-rot) and any decorative wall, floor and ceiling finishes, not designed for damp conditions.

Replacing Roof & Ridge Tiles
Replace or repair damaged roof tiles, ridge tiles or flat roof coverings as soon as possible to minimise the damage caused by rain ingress.

Lead, Copper and Zinc Roofs

Newcastle Metal Roof Repairs & New roofs
Once a metal roof has a thin coating of surface oxidation or patina it can normally resist the effects of the elements for many years; eventually due to mechanical damage or corrosion the metal roof covering will need minor repairs or occasionally replacing

Low Fell Lead Flashing
Mortar joints can eventually work loose, differential thermal movement can slowly create a weakness for water penetration past the lead flashing and wind can also lift tiles to pull the flasshing loose: most often the lead flashing can be re-seated and the mortar repointed to create a lasting weatherseal

Asbestos Roof Removal & Replacement

Gateshead Asbestos cement tiles and corrugated roof panels
Asbestos roof removal is a specialised undertaking and requires strict adherance to health and safety protocols to ensure workmen and residents are fully protected from the harmful asbestos fibres - Estimates for removing and replacing an asbestos roof can be requested using our enquiry form

Sunderland Asbestos Testing and Identification
Normally small samples are taken and the embedded fibres identified using polarised microscopy to determine if the fibres are asbestos and if so; the type of asbestos present

Newcastle Types of Asbestos
The most commonly used asbestos is Chrysotile; a white fibrous form of magnesium silicate; other forms include:Amosite,Crocidolite, Anthophyllite, Tremolite and Actinolite

Room in Roof (RIR) Trussed Rafters

Newcastle Loft/Attic Rooms
Compared to conventional roof trusses; room in roof trusses can add significantly more living space by opening up the loft-attic area

Darlington Open Roof Void
Room in Roof trusses build in a central void directly below the roof apex, creating space for a loft room and can span from the front to rear wall

Middlesbrough Spacious Open Plan Rooms
This means that the rooms below the loft area do not need to provide load bearing support and the lower floor can be open plan to allow much larger room sizes

Roof Repair Services


Commercial Property Services

Commercial building team for roofing, joinery, plastering, plumbing & Electrics

  • Newcastle Shop Fitting
  • Gateshead Changing Room Layouts
  • Sunderland Factory Roofing
  • Durham Retail Property Repairs
  • Middlesbrough Office Refurbishments

Most building and renovation work undertaken to modernise and refurbish Commercial and Residential property

Commercial Roofing

Aluminium and galvanised sheet roofing & cladding, felt roofing systems and installation repair of roof lights & guttering

Hot melt and cold melt roof systems and substrates for sedum planted green roofs

Roofing Contractors

Roofing teams for Loft conversions, Roof Repairs and Felting plus specialists for timber treatment and roof renovation & replacement

Roof Construction Types

  • Hipped Roof
    The roof slopes upward from all sides of a structure, having no vertical ends

  • Gable Roof
    Double Slope roof with a ridge and vertical gable walls at each end

  • Dormer Roof
    A roof with a large dormer window protruding from the roof

  • Gambrel Roof
    A modified gable or barn roof with two slopes on each side

  • Mansard Roof
    Hipped gambrel roof having two slopes to each side

  • A-Frame Roof-Building
    Often use for holiday cabins the A-frame has no side supporting walls

  • Lean-To or Mono Pitch
    A single sloping roof panel

  • Flat Roof
    A single, almost horizontal roof panel with a very shallow slope of a few degrees to allow rain water to trickle off

  • Green Roof - Living Roof
    Varying roof pitches intentionally covered with living vegetation: grasses, sedums etc

Storm Damage

Emergency roof repairs
Weatherproofing of property and major roof repairs after heavy winds and storms

Local Roofing

Roofing & Lofts

Replace trussed rafter roofs with a steel frame to open up the roof space for a loft room

Newcastle Roofing & Building Services

roofer, joiners, bricklayers, plasterers, plumbers & Electricians for:

  • Gateshead Loft Conversions
  • NewcastleBuilding Extensions
  • Sunderland Roof Repairs
  • Durham Property Maintenance
  • Middlesbrough Over Garage Extensions
  • Darlington Roof Construction

Property services for home owners, leasing agents, property developers and landlords

Roofing and Guttering

  • North East Leaking Roof Repairs
  • North East Leaking Guttering Replaced
  • North East Bargeboards
  • North East Chimney Repairs
  • North East Cladding
  • North East Concrete Tiles
  • North East Cowlings
  • North East Facia Boards
  • North East Flat Roof Repairs
  • North East Asbestos Roof Removal
  • North East Lead Roof
  • North East Ridge Tile
  • North East Roofing Repairs
  • North East Skylights Fitted
  • North East Soffits
  • North East Roof Tiles Replaced
  • North East UPVC Facias
  • North East UPVC Gutterings
  • North East Velux Window Fitting
  • North East Roof Coatings


  • North East Chimney Chimneys Rebuilt
  • North East Chimney Chimney Repointing
  • North East Chimney Old Chimneys Capped and Vented
  • North East Chimney Cowlings Fitted
  • North East Chimney Leaning Chimneys Rebuilt


  • North East Replacement Cladding
  • North East UPVC Facias
  • North East Soffits
  • North East Bargeboards
  • North East PVC Cladding

Gutters, Guttering and Downpipes

Replacement UPVC Guttering and down pipe fitting

  • North East Replace old Guttering
  • North East UPVC Guttering
  • North East UPVC Hoppers
  • North East UPVC Downcomers
Roof Lights - Windows

Skylights fitted, Velux windows

Roof and Ridge Tiles

Ridge tiles re-pointed

Building Insurance Estimates

Flat Roofs

  • North East Reinforced Bitumen
  • North East polyester
  • North East high performance - HP
  • North East high tensile - HT
  • North East polymer-modified
  • North East elastomeric
  • North East Flat To Pitched Conversion

Roof Tiles

  • North East Slate Tiles
  • North East Clay Tiles
  • North East Wood Shingles
  • North East Cement Tiles
  • North East Ridge Tiles
  • North East Bitumen Felt Shingles

Timber Trusses

  • Trussed Rafters

Roof Tiles

  • Slate Roofing Tiles
  • Clay Roof Tiles
  • Cement Tiles
  • Wood Shingles

Roof Windows

  • Flush Fit Window Systems
  • Dormer Windows
  • Gable End Windows
Home Wiring

Electrical cable installation for loft conversions and home rewiring

  • Bitumen Roof Repairs
  • Rubber Membrane Roofs
  • Lead Roofs
  • Zinc Roofs
  • Copper Roofs
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